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"A lot of great businesses started in some body's basement or a garage." That's what my mother told me when I first told her about the concept of Magnolia Studio & Co. It was my way of building something to help people learn, heal and grow in life.


Magnolia Studio & Co was built on the concept of living a simple, minimalist inspired lifestyle that encourages you to work toward being the best version of yourself. That is why we believe so strongly in Live Simple, Shop Simple. The brands we have curated for your shopping experience are mostly small business or local businesses (or started as a small business), eco-friendly, or socially-conscious in some way.


Our vision at Magnolia Studio & Co is to curate a shopping experience for everyday goods without compromising your values.


Our number one priority is to raise awareness on the importance of self and mental health care through everyday living. We are always working on building a shopping experience where you don't have to compromise aesthetic for functionality or having to choose between being eco-conscious and your everyday products.


Phone : (914) 222- 0373
Email: hello@magnoliastudioandco.com
Instagram: magnoliastudioandco
Tik Tok: magnoliastudioandco

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